Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Women texting on Christchurch station - WIP stages acrylic painting

Women texting on Christchurch station - WIP acrylic painting stages

people on station art in WIP Martin Davey
stages of working on 'Women texting on Christchurch station' art
This painting was produced during June 2018, and shows passengers on a station awaiting a train. They are all busy texting while awaiting transportation during a sunny winters afternoon.

The panel shows four stages to the creation of the painting, which is sized at 16” x 12”, and painted on stretched water-colour paper. In the first panel the drawing is shown, done in brown acrylic paint. A wash with the same colour paint is applied to show the shadows. Unusually in this case I did not do a coloured 'ground' over the paper, normally a yellow ochre or red, but just kept the paper 'white'. In the second panel dark base colours are applied, to help establish positioning of colours and act as an under-painting layer for when future paint layers are added. The third panel shows progression on the details and layers of paint being built up to there intended tonal values, which it turn leads to the finished artwork as shown in the forth panel.

The painting can be seen in detail on this link.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Sleeping cow on grass on sunny day - WIP stages

Sleeping cow on grass on sunny day - WIP stages

artist painting a cow relaxing M P Davey
Sleeping cow on grass on sunny day - oil painting stages
The above panel shows stages of a painting, the subject of which is a cow dropping asleep in a field.

Basic photographic reference was obtained on one of my trips about in the area of Lyndhurst, situated within the area of the New Forest, UK.

Stretched watercolour paper is used as the support base, which was then given a coat of 'gesso' to seal the paper from any leakage of oil paint, to be placed later on top. Once the gesso was dry an orange acrylic wash was applied on top, after which the drawing of the cow scene was done on top using a brown acrylic paint and fine brush, and white paint to help indicate blocks of light for the tonal values. Following this, diluted oil paint was then used to place down the initial base colours. This 'under-painting' layer provides a good key to the last stage, which is when the oil paint is applied thicker to provide the final details and colours within the artwork.

The finished painting can be seen on this link.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Monday in Hell with Devil - digital painting

Monday in Hell with Devil - digital painting

sacrifices in hell illustration artwork Martin Davey
digital illustration - Monday in Hell with Devil -

This digitally painted fantasy scene was created during March 2018. 'Auto Sketchbook Pro' was used initially to draw and paint the image using an Android tablet device. Once the work had been done to a certain level, the file was then exported to a w10 computer, and reworked at a higher resolution, to add and refine details. The software allows work to be created on different levels, rather than one drawing level. This file can the be exported in to Photoshop which reads the separate levels and allows final grading to take place on the image.
The illustration features a typical Monday in hell, with the usual processes of sacrifices to the devil. The chained humans are maneuvered in to position by large, dark, humanoid creatures who seem to enjoy their work! Flames are everywhere in this den surrounded by tall rock structures. On top of some of these are winged demons looking out for some fun. The activities of the day are controlled by the Devil itself, using a mind link to control his servants.
The illustration can be seen in greater detail here.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Twin propellers on blue boat - WIP stages

Twin propellers on blue boat - WIP stages

painting of two blue weathered propellers on hull of boat.
stages of 'Twin propellers on blue boat' artwork
This painting, completed in June 2018 shows the hull of a boat with two protruding propellers. It can be seen that nature, and the sea water, have taken some toll on the surfaces of the hull and propeller blades, but this in turn provides some interesting textures on the surfaces. The boat itself was in a local marina in Southampton.
Acrylic paint was used for the painting, done on water colour paper that has been stretched. The first panel shows the drawing, done in grey paint and with a tonal wash applied over the drawing to indicate dark and light areas. White paint is used in addition to show areas of bright tonal range. In the second panel some darker base colours have been applied to act as the under-painting, and will be a base for the final application of colour to its true tonal quality later. The third panel shows further build up of the image, leaving the forth panel to display the finished painting, which measures 16” x 12”.
It can be seen in greater detail here.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Family Fishing at Eling Tide Mill Hampshire - oil painting

Family Fishing at Eling Tide Mill Hampshire - oil painting

M P Davey landscape eling marina family fishing art
Family Fishing at Eling Tide Mill Hampshire - oil painting
The subject of a scene is Eling Wharf, Totton, on the outskirts of Southampton, Hampshire. The area was traditionally an industrial area, mainly in timber, and used the local river Test for transportation as well as a rail connection. In modern times the area is now a tourist destination, and has a marina and Eling Tide Mill, one of the oldest working mills in the UK is in operation and open to the public. Pictured are a father with his children doing some fishing, and it appears that a crab has been caught in the net during this pleasant, sunny day.

The painting is done in oils on mounting board, sized at 20” x 28”, and was completed during April 2018.
this painting can be seen in more detail at XXXXXXXX

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Working on closeup 45

Working on closeup 45
oil painting a cow in field art WIP Davey

A small snippet of a cow based oil painting....