Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Rockstone Lane, Southampton UK

Rockstone_Lane_Southampton_UKRockstone Lane, Southampton UK

This was painted in oils on a canvas having the size of 16"x 20". It was painted during november 2010.
This is a pretty little street with nicely turned out character terrace houses on both sides of the one way street (SO14 6JA). It is also on a hill leading down to the Bevois valley/ Itchen River area of the city. It is interesting how big the chimney stacks are in comparison the the house itself!
The photo it was based on was taken on a very sunny october morning, and the passing cyclist adds the finishing touch to the composition.

from the website...
This oil painting depicts a small, quiet road in Southampton called Rockstone Lane. The houses are all very small mid victorian examples though they all have very large chimneys for their size. The painting is based on a photograph taken in the autumn so the shadows are very long and the light bright and clear. The cyclist was added from another picture taken a few moments later on the same street. Interest to the composition is added with the fact that the lane is built on a hill, and in addition has a bend, causing the road to curve away from the viewer. It is of interest so see how the houses, originally the same, are now in different colours, and fitted with various types of windows. The normally mundane telephone cabinet and waste bins add extra interest.
This is painted in oils on a canvas sized at 16" x 20".  

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