Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cartoon Animal Pirate Ship

Cartoon Animal Pirate Ship

This digital painting illustrates a Pirate galleon ship, manned by a crew of cartoon animals, out on the ocean.

The Captain is a proud Lion with an eye patch, peg leg and fetching outfit, brandishing a sword. Other members of the crew consist of a Rhinoceros eating an apple, an elephant with a hook, a Zebra mopping the decks, a giraffe and a collection of cheeky monkeys up to no good playing around the ships rigging. Finally, in the crows nest is a pig on look out duties. The Galleon has its cannons at the ready and all the sails in use for a quick get-away, the fluttering flag, with the skull and cross bones motif, indicating the crews intentions.

The picture was done to A3 size and painted in Photoshop, during summer 2013.
Cartoon Animal Pirate Ship digital painting
Cartoon Animal Pirate Ship
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