Thursday, 26 November 2015

Horses on Lyndhurst Hill WIP

Horses on Hill, Hampshire painting WIP

This is a WIP photo of a painting depicting a scene in the New Forest. The location is near to Lyndhurst, a small town within the forest, located in Hampshire, UK. The painting is on a canvas sized at 20" x 16". It is painted in acrylics. The photo shows three stages of the painting which is based on a number of photographs. I took an number of pictures and later back at my studio was able to rearrange the horses to a pleasing layout. In the first panel can be seen the drawing, done in brown paint on a red ground. The drawing is worked out using a grid system to create the image with some accuracy. The second panel shows a number of base colours applied to cover up the red and block in the tones. The red paint will still show through very slightly however in to the finished painting, which is shown in the final panel. Normal I would have used oils at the last stage but the acrylics meant it was done quicker and the styling seems to work well and some looseness in the painting is evident.
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acrylic painting of horses on hill
Horses on Hill, Lyndhurst WIP

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