Monday, 11 January 2016

New Forest Ditch art WIP

New Forest Ditch art WIP

This photograph shows the WIP stages of a painting of a muddy ditch in the middle of the countryside of the New Forest, Hampshire, UK. The painting was done during November 2015 using acrylic paint on stretched thick paper. The first panel shows a red 'ground' or base layer with the drawing of the scene done using brown acrylic paint.The photo has been turned to B/W for clarity here. The second panel shows a halfway stage with base colours applied over all areas, usually darker than they will be in the final stage. The last panel shows the complete, finished painting.
The finished painting can be seen here.
WIP New Forest countryside art
New Forest Ditch painting  in WIP layers


  1. I always love to see various stages of works in progress ... fabulous!!!!