Friday, 26 February 2016

Marwell Zoo Zany Zebra campaign 2016

Marwell Zoo Zany Zebra campaign

This is the design for one of the Zebras (Seafaring Zebra) I will be creating for the 'Zany Zebras'  campaign, which will feature a large number of full size Zebras sculptures occupying the City of Southampton, in the UK. It has been masterminded by Marwell Zoo, located outside of the city with the aim of creating awareness and the need for protection of Zebra. Each Zebra sculpture will be painted by local artists and sponsored by local or national companies. They are in place on the streets for the summer term after which a glamorous auction is held for their sale, the proceeds of which go toward the protection of the animal. 
I will be creating two Zebras for the campaign. The first one was designed in December 2015 and sponsored by ABP, one of the largest employers in the town in people and physical area, in early January. It will be turned in to reality from the 4th March at the Marlands Shopping Center, using an empty shop unit as a base where this one and others can be seen to be created. This design was created/ drawn in Photoshop.
Martin Davey Zany Zebra design 2016 (Seafaring Zebra)

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