Sunday, 6 March 2016

Marwell Zoo Zany Zebra campaign 2016 update 01

Marwell Zoo Zany Zebra campaign 2016 update 01

martin davey seafaring Zebra blank
My blank Zebra sculpture

I have so far spent two days on the project, a Friday and a Saturday. Friday was spent applying two coats of white emulsion paint to the Zebra and then later in the day making a start on the sections of the design in the nose/ head area. A week before I had created a plan with the design broken up in to sections as shown.

This allowed me to home in on sections of the actual sculpture and from there I could make a good judgement on where the ships and other elements should be placed. I made a few rough pencil marks and used a long tape measure to help find the spot on the Zebra. Then I sketched the part I was to work on lightly and roughly. The next stage was to draw the 'ship' shape or whatever using masking tape with the intention of then painting the masked shape in black.
I also painted the hooves and tail hair black. 
On the Saturday I refined what had been painted and added further details. Sometimes the masking does not work because the surface of the Zebra casting is rough so one has to go in and paint the error carefully by hand.

Saturday morning
Saturday evening


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