Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sunday Morning Rowing at Itchen Bridge, Southampton WIP painting

Sunday Morning Rowing at Itchen Bridge, Southampton:


This composite photograph demonstrates work in progress on a recently completed painting showing rowers at a club preparing for a Sunday morning exercise on the River Itchen, Southampton. The picture shows 3 stages. The first panel is a red base colour ground with the drawing painted in brown acrylic paint. The second panel shows most of the basic, base colours applied to suggest tone and colour placement around the whole picture, which helps to give an idea of how the composition is working out and the final panel shows the finished painting. It is done on a 28" x 20" canvas on stretcher bars and painted with acrylics.
The painting was done during May 2016 mainly for entry in to the 'A Sporting Life' open art exhibition held at the Southampton City art gallery during Summer 2016. 
The finished painting can be seen here.
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southampton rowing club painting WIP
WIP of acrylic painting
'Sunday Morning Rowing at Itchen Bridge, Southampton'


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