Saturday, 22 October 2016

One Wave WIP oil painting

One Wave WIP - oil painting

Davey sea oil painting in stages
One wave oil painting in stages
This composite image shows stages of the 'One Wave' painting, completed in September 2016. It is painted in oils, my first for some time, and is done on stretched paper. The image size is 20" x 16".
The first image shows an orange 'ground' colour base using acrylic paint, with the basic drawing of the subject matter drawn in brown acrylic paint. The second panel shows a half way stage with the basic tone/ colour areas placed down, in darker tones intentionally. This stage was again done in acrylics. The final image shows the final stage, and is done in oils. The choice was made to use oils because of the better blending possible that the medium offered, rather that of acrylic paint.
The composition was quite stark for me and was quite difficult to do as there are no hard edges and everything is fluid in motion and colour. The waves regresing to the background may appear simple but were quite taxing! 
The final art can be viewed here
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