Saturday, 12 November 2016

Sheds on allotments at Southampton ART - WIP

Sheds on allotments at Southampton ART  - WIP

Davey hampshire gardening sheds art WIP
three stages of WIP 'Sheds on Allotments at Southampton' painting

This picture shows three stages of a painting completed in July 2014, and which measures 20" x 16". It features a scene on an allotment in Southampton, near to the River Itchen and Bitterne area of the city, and I was struck by the collection of various sheds of different design, canes and compost bins arranged in the view that had character.
The first panel shows the drawing, in brown acrylic on a red ground wash which acts as a base for the future paint applied on top. Some of this red will show through layers of paint applied in further stages. The second stage shows darker base colours applied, using acrylic paint which tend to be shadowy versions of the finished intended colour. The last panel shows the final application of oil paint on top of the other coats.
The finished painting can be seen here.
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