Sunday, 23 April 2017

Henson Pig Trail 2017 Gloucester blog 04

Henson Pig Trail 2017 Gloucester blog 04

M P Davey details penciled in on pigs may fly art WIP
initial start on the 'Pigs may Fly' pig

M P Davey start of painting on pigs may fly art WIP
first painted areas

The time had come to start work on the last pig, named as 'Pigs may Fly'. The design features various sizes of pigs, as silhouettes, and all done to the same basic design, flying upward through a blue sky and in to the night. The first stage was to draw out the design using a pencil, basically carving up the surface in to 'areas'. After that it is a simple task of then filling these areas with the predesignated flat colours as marked on the plan. However a single layer of paint is never enough so it is expected that two or more coats are to be needed. To help make the colours work I took time paint the sky around the silhouettes of the pigs so that they would take the colour better, rather that paint the pig colours over a sky colour.
M P Davey more colours applied pigs may fly art WIP
M P Davey some pigs now coloured pigs may fly art WIP
Some pigs now painted
A few extra details and some fresh painting had also been done on the 'Floating Floyd' pig, namely the cords running between the large pigs and the power station on either side and a small rope coming of the little pig floating away.

M P Davey pink floyd pig with battersea power station art
'Floating Floyd' with details added

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