Sunday, 7 May 2017

Henson Pig Trail 2017 Gloucester blog 05

Henson Pig Trail 2017 Gloucester blog 05

All of the painted artwork has now been finished and the next step, as the picture show was to give each pig a coat of varnish. The varnish helps to bring all the colours and painted elements together. 
The pictures show the pigs prior to wrapping and dispatch to Gloucester, in west England. Here they will be placed in to a trail in the City called 'Old Spots Sculpture Trail, and is based on an old Spots pig named Henson. The trail runs from June to August 2017 after which the pigs are auctioned off for charitable causes. Further information can be found here.

Martin Davey Henson painted pigs
'Pigs may fly', 'Floating Floyd and 'Piggy Bank' pig sculptures destined for Gloucester 
M P Davey art work henson pigs varnished line up
'Piggy Bank' pig with gold and silver coins, ready for the Henson trail 2017
M P Davey Old Spots Sculpture Trail varnished line up in studio
Front view of all three pigs for the Henson 2017 trail in Gloucester
M P Davey henson pigs rear view varnished line up 2017
Rears of each pig for the Henson 2017 'Old Spots Sculpture Trail'
M P Davey henson pigs line up three counties show art 2017
'Pigs may fly' leading after being varnished

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