Friday, 30 June 2017

Needles from Hengistbury Head WIP ART

Needles from Hengistbury Head WIP ART

Artist M davey isle of wight coastal painting WIP

This composite image show the development of the painting 'Needles from Hengistbury Head', an oil painting completed during May 2017. It shows the Isle of Wight, an island of the South coast of the the UK, as viewed from the mainland at Hengistbury Head in Dorset.
The first panel shows the drawing, painted in acrylic brown paint on a yellow ground wash. The second panel shows a later stage with the base under-painting applied showing darker colours of the final intended colours. After the under-painting comes the final oil painting stage over the top and in the third panel it can be seen that oil paint has been applied to some areas. The painting is also more detailed on this last pass, with the final panel showing the completed painting, done on stretched paper sized at 16" x 12".
The final painting can be seen here.

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