Thursday, 14 June 2018

Evening At Southampton Common Lake - acrylic painting

Evening At Southampton Common Lake - oil painting

ornamental lake hampshire landscape painting Martin Davey
Evening At Southampton Common Lake - oil painting
Painted during April 2018, this artwork features a scene of peace and tranquillity at an ornamental lake, situated within Southampton common, Hampshire. The common is 365 acres in size and is within the city of Southampton, though its size means that it is difficult to see the bustling city from the inside. The area is made up of woodland, wetlands and grassland and is thought to have first become a common around 500AD.

The painting is done oils oils on a canvas, sized at 16” x 20”. A light brown acrylic base or ground was applied first, followed by a wash/ under-painting done in oils. After a week this was dry enough to paint the final application of oils in the desired colours and detail.
The painting can be seen at a larger scale on this link.

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