Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Monday in Hell with Devil - digital painting

Monday in Hell with Devil - digital painting

sacrifices in hell illustration artwork Martin Davey
digital illustration - Monday in Hell with Devil -

This digitally painted fantasy scene was created during March 2018. 'Auto Sketchbook Pro' was used initially to draw and paint the image using an Android tablet device. Once the work had been done to a certain level, the file was then exported to a w10 computer, and reworked at a higher resolution, to add and refine details. The software allows work to be created on different levels, rather than one drawing level. This file can the be exported in to Photoshop which reads the separate levels and allows final grading to take place on the image.
The illustration features a typical Monday in hell, with the usual processes of sacrifices to the devil. The chained humans are maneuvered in to position by large, dark, humanoid creatures who seem to enjoy their work! Flames are everywhere in this den surrounded by tall rock structures. On top of some of these are winged demons looking out for some fun. The activities of the day are controlled by the Devil itself, using a mind link to control his servants.
The illustration can be seen in greater detail here.

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