Thursday, 24 January 2019

Girl Watering Horror Plants - digital illustration

Girl Watering Horror Plants - digital illustration

monster plants being watered by girl illustration Martin Davey
Giant monster plants being watered by little girl illustration
Strange and dangerous plants feature in this illustration. A girl, seemingly happy and content is quite happy to be watering these monstrous specimens using her toy watering can. These plants may like the girl, as it can be seen that some previous gardeners have not been so lucky. Hidden away the viewer can find an arm and a skull with one eye ball in the undergrowth of a long disappeared gardener.

'Auto Sketchbook Pro' software was used largely in the creation of this artwork. Initially work started on the concept using an Android galaxy tablet to sketch out and work out the colours. Once this was achieved to a satisfying level the file was then exported to a W10 desktop computer running the same program but in a more powerful environment. Here the image was greatly enlarged and repainted to produce the final artwork. It was completed during August 2018.The artwork can be seen in detail here.

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