Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tourists at Boltons Bench New Forest ART WIP

Tourists at Bolton's Bench New Forest ART WIP

This painting shows an area of the New Forest, Hampshire known as Bolton's Bench. It is on a hill just outside the town of Lyndhurst. The bench is around a base of a large Yew tree which is in turn on top of a small hill that offers good views of the local countryside. The photograph shows a work in progress of an initial drawing in brown acrylic paint on a red ground base. The second panel shows a half completed painting with the base colours added while the third one show the finished acrylic painting. it will be seen that a figure of a girl has been added at a later stage. This was done after initial completion as it was felt that something was missing composition. The girl figure adds more interest in this location that is full of tourists, in particular with kids who are naturally attracted to all of the tame donkeys found in the area. 
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painting stages of Boultons Bench, New Forest WIP
WIP painting stages of Boultons bench, Lyndhurst, Hampshire

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