Friday, 15 April 2011

SS shieldhall at southampton docks

southampton_painting_sheildhall_steam_shipSS shieldhall at southampton docks

This is painted in oils on a canvas that is 20" by 16". The steam ship 'SS Sheildhall' was built during the 1950s by Lobnitz & Co of Renfrew, in the UK. It is now preserved as one of the 'historic ships collection'.
The location is east docks, looking south with the grain silos in the background on the southern tip of the docks.
The combination of the colours of the ship, with the colours of the water made this an attractive view to portray.

from the website...
This is an oil painting of a steam ship called 'SS Shieldhall'. It is painted in oils on a 16" x 20" canvas. She was launched 7th July 1955 and was built by Lobnitz & Co of Renfrew, UK. The ship was withdrawn from service during 1985 and entered preservation. It is the largest working steam ship in europe. It is part of the National Historic Fleet and is based at Southampton docks, where it is moored in this painting. The view is looking south, toward the Solent. The little dingy was added to give the ship scale. The grain silos are a land mark at Southampton docks and can be seen in the background, and are to be seen in some of my other paintings. The colour and reflections of the water were fun to paint, although quite difficult. Painted in 2010.

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Monday, 11 April 2011

Southampton River Itchen Northam mudflats

southampton_northam_river_itchen_mudflatsSouthampton River Itchen Northam mudflats

This is an oil painting that measures 16" x 20", and was completed march 2011. It is of the river itchen (estury) when the tide has gone out, and reveals a sea of algae and seaweed,as well as the remains of long forgotten boat wrecks. In the background can be seen Bitterne.  The old wood was enjoyable to paint!

from the website...
This painting is of the River Hamble, near to the Solent and Southampton, in the UK. It is based on a view photographed during the spring of 2012, and features a view of the marina, near the town of warsash, packed full of boats. There are a number of marinas down the river. The land is very flat and when the tide goes out the mud flats are revealed, showing a covering of moss and algae, with pockets of water isolated from the river. The River Hamble contains many old shipwrecks of archaeological importance. I was drawn to this scene for my painting by this strong, green landscape, that only appears for part of the day and the way that puddles of water remain creating their own small rivers through the landscape.
This painting is created in acrylic on a canvas measuring 20" x 16".

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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Animal wedding

animal_wedding_cartoon_animalsAnimal wedding

Its that time of year! This was painted in photoshop in early march 2011, to A4 size. I suppose many of the characters here have been seen before (with the same treatment) in my work,like the hippotamus,crocodile and horse. I enjoyed the scale difference between the happy couple.

from the website...
Painted in photoshop to A4 size, this is another subject where animals have replaced humans in a very human activity. In this animal wedding we see a large, female hippopotamus getting married to a small and perhaps shifty, crocodile. I liked to show humour within the different scales of the participants interacting, particularly wearing their wedding outfits. The guests were fun to do, and helped to create a focal point in the composition. The church door way is a classic framing device in wedding photography and helps to frame the happy couple. Digitally painted in 2011. 

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