Friday, 17 June 2011

Christchurch Priory Dorset

Christchurch Priory Dorset, west view, oil painting

christchurch_priory_dorsetChristchurch priory, west view

This is a painting of Christchurch priory from the west aspect. I did a previous painting which depicted the northgate entrance, and is here.

Being a piece of complicated architecture naturally meant that some time would be spent drawing it out and getting the details correct. The figures help a great deal to give a sense of scale. The church is in the coastal town of Christchurch in Dorset, UK. The painting is on a 20" x16" canvas, and painted in oils.

from the website...
The town of Christchurch, Dorset, UK boasts a wonderful priory, painted and photographed many times over the centuries. Construction first started in 1094 AD as a norman church. It took several centuries to construct and is a landmark for several miles in all directions. This painting is in oils on a canvas measuring 20" x 16". The original photograph was taken in the summer of 2010. The late afternoon sun helps to pick out the details of the churches architecture. This is a very popular view of Christchurch Priory, photographed and painted countless times over the centuries, even though it never changes its appearance. Buildings are always a welcome challenge but the gravestones are in a way more interesting having many varied colours on the stone due to weathering over the centuries. The people were added later from similar photographs to add interest and scale.  
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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bournemouth sea front june_set01

Bournemouth sea front, june 2011, oil paintings

bournemouth_beach_boys _lookingPeople on Bournemouth beach : boys looking
bournemouth_beach_pulling_dingyPeople on Bournemouth beach : Pulling dingy

These were painted in late may one after another. They are on canvas in oil, sized 20"x 16" and painted in a more cruder,quicker method. Some times the brush strokes are quite large and the paint is only lightly applied. But over all they are appealing, particularly the water. There will be others of this type following soon.

from the website...
People on Bournemouth beach : boys looking
This painting is of Bournemouth Beach sea front, showing people on the sandy beach, and the pier, from the 1950s, in the background. The actual drawing for the painting was a composite from a number of photographs taken at the same time. One final image is created in photoshop and this is rescaled and transferred to a canvas for painting. The painting measures 20" x 16" and is painted in oils. More beach paintings of Bournemouth beach can be seen on this site.

People on Bournemouth beach : Pulling dingy
This is a painting of people on Bournemouth Beach, having fun in the sea. The view is looking down from the pier down on to the sandy beach below. Some of these people can be seen in other paintings of the beach. The wet sand, with the reflections bouncing off it was fun to paint, as was the large, green wave, just starting to break down. Painting the white foamy parts on the water is exciting as it fixes the action of the sea within the artwork.
It is based on a number of photographs and rearranged in photoshop to create a pleasing composition. From this a master drawing is created leading on to the final painting. It is painted in oils on a canvas sized at 20" x 16". 

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