Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Working on closeup 62

Working on closeup 62

figure in street painting underway with brush
A small snippet of a London based landscape painting...

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Bishopsgate London - WIP stages

Bishopsgate London - WIP stages

London landscape Liverpool street WIP art Martin Davey
WIP stages of Bishopsgate/ Liverpool street oil painting

This landscape oil painting is of a central/ east London view. The area is known as Bishopsgate on the edge of the busy financial district of the city. Painted on mounting board, the artwork measures 33” x 24” approx, and the image above shows progressive work on the painting.

In the first panel can be seen the drawing, done in dark brown acrylic paint on a yellow ochre 'ground' wash, also done in acrylics. I use such paint for this part of the process as it is quick drying, rather than oil paint. Next the oil paintings are opened and a basic colour wash is applied with the paints being diluted with thinner as seen in the 2nd panel. The colours and tones are 'blocked in' to give a rough indication of the direction of the artwork. Once this level is dry then thicker paint levels are applied with careful views to getting the correct colours and tones. Also details are added at this stage, as can be viewed in the 3rd panel. Finally the 4th panel shows the finished oil painting of this urban landscape.

The artwork can be seen in detail on this link.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Group of trees in the New Forest - oil painting

Group of trees in the New Forest - oil painting

oil landscape painting Hampshire Martin Davey
oil painting of a grouping of trees in the New Forest
This outdoor forest was painted during June 2019. It depicts a view within the New Forest, which is set in the county of Hampshire, of the south coast of the UK. It is a hot day but the densely packed trees offer shade from the hot summers day.
This landscape painting is created in oils on mounting board, sized at 20” x 16”, and can be examined in greater detail on this link.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

London Piccadilly Circus With Evening Light- oil painting

London Piccadilly Circus With Evening Light - oil painting

autumn evening light at London Piccadilly famous art by Davey
PIccadilly Circus, London completed oil painting

During April 2019 this painting illustrating Piccadilly Circus during even light was created. The painting is done in oils on canvas, and measures 60” x 40”.
The landscape painting shows this famous London landmark during a sunny evening and as always it is populated by many locals and tourists passing through. It is a road junction for a number of main roads running through the city, and first became so during the early 1800's. During the early 1900's, with the widespread use of electricity the first illuminated billboard appeared, of which the area has always been famous for. The centre is dominated by the cast aluminium statue of Eros on top of a fountain, designed by sculptor Alfred Gilbert. Directly under this location can be found Piccadilly Circus underground station, a busy 'tube' station linking various underground lines.
This landscape painting can be seen in detail by following this link.

Sunday, 14 July 2019