Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bournemouth Throop flour mill through trees

throop mill oil painting

Bournemouth Throop flour mill through trees.

This scene is painted in oils on a 16"x20" canvas. It is of the old, grade ll listed flour mills at Throop, Bournemouth, Dorset, during early morning. The buildings were owned by a company called 'Parsons & Sons', but I believe they stopped trading in the early 1970s. They are now awaiting conservation/restoration. The milling equipment was powered by the river Stour,and the water weir equipment can be seen in the front of the building.

from the website...
This landscape painting illustrates the old mill at Throop, located in the suburbs of Bournemouth, Dorset. The Parsons and Son flour mill has been out of use since the 1970s and is located on the River Stour. It buildings dates from the turn of the 20th century and was water powered. It is now a Grade II listed building awaiting renovation. The painting measures 20" x 16" and is painted in oils. It is based on a photograph taken one cold but sunny morning. In front of the building are some of the extensive collection of water weirs and walkways, controlling the water flow in to the mill. The foreground provides a tonally cool framing device to the morning light hitting the building. I hope to go back to this subject and produce more artwork based on this location. 
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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Steam traction engine Ransomes Sims and Jefferies General Purpose Engine

Steam_traction_engine_Ransomes_Sims_and_Jefferies_General_Purpose_EngineSteam traction engine_02/  Steam traction engine Ransomes Sims and Jefferies General Purpose Engine

This is a picture of the Ransomes Sims and Jefferies General Purpose Engine,built in 1931 in the UK. Its name is the "velfrey queen".
The painting is done in oil and was completed early april 2011, and the canvas it was painted on is 20"x16". I am quite pleased with the result and it looks mechanically correct and solid. There is a technical error, not a painting one, where a certain component has accidentally been left off!
I also like the stark, but colorful background. The brass rims are always fun to paint.

from website...
This is an oil painting of a traction engine at a summer steam fair in Dorset,UK. The engine is a Ransomes Sims & Jefferies General Purpose Engine built in 1931 in Britain. It is named 'Velfrey Queen'. The engine consisted of colourful, shiny deep green paintwork matched with well polished brass and copper fittings. The flags (UK and Wales) were in celebration of a recent football match. Care has to be taken when painting a subject like this. It has to be portrayed correctly with all the right parts there and in perpective as well. The ellipses are difficult to do and there are many to draw and paint on a subject like this. It was fun painting the shiny copper and brass parts and highlights. The painting is in oils on a 20" x16" canvas.

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Small paintings of animals_01

Small paintings of animals/ 01

grey_spotted_horse_in_fieldSpotty grey horse in field
single_Mallard_duck_on_lakeSingle mallard duck on lake

These were painted in oils on canvas during late April 2011. The size of both paintings is 12" x9", and both were intended to be simple projects that each could be done within a day. I was successful with this self imposed deadline. Additionally the duck was painted while at an exhibition, not from life but as a demonstration for the crowds attending.

from the website...
Spotty grey horse in field
On a visit to the countryside in Hampshire I came across a field with a number of horses in it. I took a number of photographs and then did this painting based on one of them. I liked the grey, spotty texture this horse had, plus it had a white face with a red bridle, so I thought it would have a lot of interest when art-worked up as an oil painting. The pose is interesting as only three legs are visible.
It is a small painting, measuring 9" x 12".

Single mallard duck on lake
This painting of a single mallard duck swimming along, was done as a demonstration oil painting at an exhibition. It was completed within the day I was there, though I did prepare the drawing and redrew it on to a small canvas before the day. It is based on a photograph and painted early 2011.
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Thursday, 5 May 2011

'Rosemary' narrow gauge locomotive at Exbury Gardens

'Rosemary' narrow gauge locomotive at Exbury Gardens

exbury _gardens_steam_railway_rosemary1 st version
exbury _gardens_steam_railway_rosemary2nd version

This is a new (2001) locomotive, called "Rosemary" which runs on the narrow gauge Exbury gardens steam railway in Hampshire,UK. The first painting was done in autumn 2010 and the second in march 2011. Both are painted in oils on a canvas, size 16" x 20". The figure in the second one was added for extra interest, and was not there at all when the original photo was taken for reference. I got the basic figure off the internet, as a B/W image and then modified it. It does help to give scale within the image. In the first painting the signal helps to give and interesting framing to the composition. On the other hand the pistons cannot be seen in the first on but are visible in the second, and our a part of the character of the locomotive.

from the website...
Exbury Gardens Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive 1st versionThis is a painting of a locomotive at Exbury Gardens and steam railway, Hampshire, in the New Forset, UK. It is named Rosemary and was built in 2001 at Exmoor works. The engine is a narrow gauge one, and works its way around a small railway in the main gardens, full of tight curves, around its 1 1/4 mile length. It is seen at the main station, Exbury Central. It is based on a photograph taken back in 2001, not long after the railway was opened. The painting was not done until 2010. It is painted in oils on a 16" x 20" canvas. 

In a later post on this blog, a painting is shown of one of the other locomotives at Exbury gardens. It was painted in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the railway.;postID=1520642581356207220 

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