Monday, 27 April 2009

dinosaurs out shopping

dinosaur_triceratop_shoppingDinosaur shopping trip

Dinosaurs are of constant interest to most people because of their unusual size and looks compared to todays animals. It seems fun therefore to place them into mundane human situations, as here illustrated with a mother and son out on a shopping trip walking along a sidewalk. The boy is a typical boy, dressed in his favorite football colours and kicking a ball, the mother by his side with a basket for shopping, but they are both biped dinosaurs, and a nearby shopkeeper is a triceratops. The shop itself is very ordinary, almost old fashioned but has 'dinosaur' language on the price cards. The dinosaurs themselves are not technically accurate, but are slightly cartoony and friendly, and modifiyed so that they can wear cloths. The composition is nothing special and shows up the details easily. The illustration is painted in photoshop to a size of 10" x 8". Other dinosaur world paintings are here and here. Painted in 2009.
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