Saturday, 31 July 2010

pigeon post

pigeon_postPost bird and elephant in plane

This digital photoshop illustration features a 'postal pigeon', complete with mail sack, flying in the air and startled by an elephant piloting a small plane close by. The horizon is slightly tilted to give extra dynamics to the action, as do the letters flying out of the postal bag. The pigeon is painted quite realistically, whereas the elephant is cartoonised to a point to allow his anatomy to fit within the small airplane, and also has a large head! A river was added to help break up the landscape and add some from, helping to creat distance and height in the artwork. Painted in 2009, to a small size of 1200px X 1600px.
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Come back to update/ 3d lightwave images

Come back to update/ 3d lightwave images


elephant_monkey_planeImages created in 3D
After a long break I'd thought I should upload some more images and notes up here. This image of the aeroplane was done during august 2009, and is different in that it is created in lightwave. It is resonable successful, but it took about 2 weeks to do and I think its too long to be practical. I did two other 3D images, one of which is the lion on the skateboard. I received a nice email from and authour in USA saying how much they enjoyed it straight away!
It is quicker to draw them in the usual way than create 3D models and I think they look better drawn and painted, in photoshop. The only upside is that the characters can be reposed or even animated as all this has to be built in to the model/scene set up.

from website...
 Created using Lightwave 3D,then finished in photoshop.As an experiment, I created two images in this process, one after another, and both are visible on this site. The point of the experiment was to see if it is practical to do this type of work in 3D modeling. I have done lightwave work in the past (animation) but not for this type of subject. Usually I would draw this type of thing, in photoshop and then paint fully in photoshop as can be seen from most of my work on this site. Sadly doing the '3D' route for this type of imagery is too long, taking about 7 or so days, whereas directly painting it would be 2 days, and probably a better,more rounded illustration would be produced! 
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