Thursday, 23 April 2015

House at Hillier Gardens

House at Hillier Gardens

This small painting shows a part the house (Jermyn's House) within the 180 acre gardens at Hillier Gardens, Hampshire.

The Victorian 'Jermyn's House' was rebuilt in 1830 to the house as seen today, from an earlier house built during the previous century.

Seen here is a part of the back of the house, surrounded by a number of mature trees and plants, creating a cool, shady spot around this part of the building. The path using natural pieces of stone leads the eye through to the building.

Painted in a day during autumn 2014 on a 12” x 10” canvas board.
As an addition note the work in progress image of the painting has been added to the post showing the three stages. The first stage is the drawing done in brown acrylic paint on a red ground canvas. The middle image shows the basic colours blocked in using acrylics. the final stage is the oil paint level done on top.

artist martin davey Hillier gardens house hampshire
House at Hillier Gardens, oil painting

oil painting in stages of jermyns House hampshire
House at Hillier Gardens in stages.