Monday, 30 July 2012

Southampton River Hamble acrylic painting

Southampton River Hamble

oil painting southampton river hamble
River Hamble, Southampton
This painting is of the River Hamble, near to the Solent and Southampton, in the UK. It is based on a view photographed during the spring of 2012, and features a view of the marina, near the town of warsash, packed full of boats. There are a number of marinas down the river. The land is very flat and when the tide goes out the mud flats are revealed, showing a covering of moss and algae, with pockets of water isolated from the river. The River Hamble contains many old shipwrecks of  archaeological importance. I was drawn to this scene for my painting by this strong, green landscape, that only appears for part of the day and the way that puddles of water remain   creating their own small rivers through the landscape.
This painting is created in acrylic on a canvas measuring 20" x 16".

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED for fine art artwork

Today I launched a new website. It is called I still have my main site,, which contains all of my artwork. This new site is designed to concentrate only on my oil and acrylic paintings, and no digital paintings, illustrations or animation, in the belief it may attract more viewers to this type of artwork.
It took about 6 days to build, trial and error, but I did learn more about HTML doing it and CSS as well, which became very helpfull near the end, when IE and firefox browsers were displaying the pages slightly different to each other, though not now.
This is a screen shot of the home page as launched.

martin davey fine art home page
Please visit it if you can!