Wednesday, 18 March 2009

supermarket horse serving animal customers

horse,supermarket,store,crocodile SUPERMARKET HORSE

I find it amusing to think of animals in human roles and have visited this area several times as seen here on this site. The illustration shows a scene in a small shop with a horse acting as a cashier. She is serving a devious looking crocodile and snake friend some cigarettes and beer. Outside of the shop can be seen ordinary members of 'animal' society going about their business. A mad monkey can be seen looking out of the window of the building opposite. The cashier can be seen in a animal supermarket view elsewhere on the site. Painted in 2008
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Time Keeping Victorian Inventor

victorian invention


This was painted a few days before this post,in march 2009. It is a small size at 4x5 inches at300ppi.My inspiration was watching 'the Victorians' documentary on BBC tv, particularly with the hair styles (side burns)!

from the website.....
This digital illustration is a nod to the industrial revolution of Britain in the 1800's. It is quite stylized, with the perspective distorted throughout and the characters are also stylized. The main character is the chief inventor, with drawings and plans under his arm. He is checking the efficiency of his workforce using the steam power technology of the time, by consulting his stopwatch The other members of the work force carry on with their duties. The main source of lighting is coming from above and the beams in the roof are cast shadows throughout the scene.

Painted in 2009.  

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Monday, 9 March 2009

Animals On A Tube Train Subway Commute To Work

underground,travel,london,commute,animals,illustration,rhino,elephant,ipodANIMAL TRAIN COMMUTE

Painted in photoshop at A4 size, this is an entertaining collection of animals going to work. The interior of the train is based on a central line underground train. I wanted the passengers to do normal things that commuters do, ipod etc, and liked the horse with hooves operating a laptop. If the scene was slightly wider I would have had water on the floor around the base of the seals tail. Painted dec 2008.

from the website...
Traveling on the London Underground was something I did for over ten years. It was a only a matter of time before I decided to put animals in to replace humans in this normally mundane routine for many. Over half of the underground system is overground but an African savanna view like this outside would be very rare. The illustrated cartoon animals seen on their daily commute here are lions, an elephant, seal reading newspaper, cows, crab, horse typing on laptop, fox with ipod,rhinoceros reading paper, monkey hanging from hand rail, giraffe and a crab carrying its briefcase on its shell. It is painted in photoshop to A4 size and took about a 5 days to do. The original drawing is done on the computer using a drawing tablet, and then painted electronically using traditional painting techniques. The inside of the carriage is based on a central line train. 
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Mother And Son In Garden



This is painted at a size of 4x5 inches,so is smaller than usual. It is painted in a stylized way with a heavy
'wide angle',and the treatment of the faces is particularly stylized. The perspective is very forced and cheated for impact.

from the website...
A mother is seen outside her family home with her son, by the front gate. The digital illustration features stylized characters and elements. The perspective is heavilly distorted to show the figures in relation to their environment.

Painted in 2009

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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Richard of lionheart

lion, lionheart, crocodile, armour,robinhood,heraldry,battle,sword fightRICHARD LIONHEART LION

This was done in A4 size in dec 2008. I wanted to show a confrontation, in a humorous way, between two strong forces, but one good and one evil. The idea, and the composition came very quickly, and I wanted the sky to be dramatic and have strong, violent colours.

from the website...
Richard of Lionheart, seen as a proud and strong Lion is about to enter battle with a nasty crocodile as his enemy. The composition allows both characters to be show, but with the stronger Lion king in a prominent and dominant location. The sunset indicates warfare and the tree possible death to the looser.

Painted in 2009. 

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