Sunday, 30 January 2011

Mermaid underwater city

mermaid_underwater_city_oceanMermaid underwater city

This was painted in photoshop during december 2010, to an A4 size format which I often use. This type of subject is always a nod to disneys 'little mermaid'. The positioning of the arm avoids difficulties!
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Friday, 21 January 2011

Southampton Civic Center public building

southampton_civic_centerSouthampton Civic Center public building

This was painted in oils during late 2010 and early jan 2011. It is 16" x20" on canvas.
This is the Southampton grade ll listed building that contains the council offices,library and art gallery of the city. It is an 'art deco' building, completed in 1939 and the architect was Ernest Berry Webber. Parts had to be rebuilt shortly afterwards because of bomb damage during ww2.

from the website...
The painting is of Southampton Civic Centre during the autumn. It was painted in 2010 on a canvas, 20" x 16" in oils. The building is an art deco grade II listed structure, designed by Ernest Berry Webber. It contains a police station,art gallery, library, Guildhall and council offices. The painting does not shy away from the typical things found in the street. We have here cars, waste bins, bus stops, and even a parking zone notice. I think these everyday items things seem to add character in a painting!
The painting is in oils on a 16"x20" canvas. 

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Saturday, 15 January 2011

gorgon medusa

gorgon_medusa_monster_in_templegorgon medusa

This was painted in nov2010 in photoshop. I thought it would be fun to do and the darkness of the painting came naturally to the subjects haunt. I needed something bright to show a part or hint of the subject which is why the background with the daylight coming through part of the temple is very important.
Apparently there were three Gorgon sisters, this one being Medusa!

from the website...
This illustration depicts the 'Gorgon' from greek mythology. The creature is seen in a coridor of an ancient ruined temple. It has a womans head and torso, but a tail like a snakes with a rattle at the end. The head has many snakes coming out from it. and looking in to the eyes of the creature will turn the viewer to stone. The Gorgon is also known as Medusa, and Gorgoneion.
This is an photoshop illustration painted to a size of 8" x 10". The artwork was created in 2011. I wanted to keep the figure as a silhouette to add more mystery and be able to show the glowing eyes. It was important to have some backlight to show up the figures silhouette, so the use of having daylight at the back falling in to the corridor on to the sand achieves this aim. 

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Sunday, 9 January 2011

children snow sleigh ride


children snow sleigh ride

This was painted in photoshop during mid december,2010. This is one of those projects that worked out so well. It is as though the image just painted itself! It is a follow on from a previous, recent post of two children with a snowman. 

from the website...
This illustration is painted in photoshop to A4 size. The drawing is done first, within the program on one layer. Then, using other layers within photoshop the picture is painted using traditional painting techniques, within. The drawing of the two children on a sleigh, is used as a guide on the top layer, the painting underneath on another layer. I enjoyed the simple composition of the image, and I wanted it to be fresh and open, much like the conditions depicted. The flowing scarfs and jump in progress help to give it a snappy, lively action. The bright, simple colourful sky emphasizes the bold colours of the children and the snowy landscape. It was very cold, with subzero temperatures recorded when this image was produced. The companion piece to this image, showing a boy, girl and snowman can be see here. Painted in 2010. 
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