Wednesday, 29 December 2010

cat romance in garden

cat_romance_gardencat romance in garden

This was painted in august 2010, in photoshop. I always think of cats being black and white in colour,because I suppose of the family cat in the previous post! On reflection I suppose the white, disinterested, female cat should not have been against a white wall. I am pleased with the distant,'blue' house.

from the website...
Two cats are seen in this illustration, of a romantic meeting between the two. The white female cat is on the wall looking down at the other in a superior manner. The black and white cat is looking for some attention.
Painted in 2010. 

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010




This was painted ,in oils, during mid summer 2010, at a size of 7'x10' on board. It was based on a old B/W picture that I took around the early 1990s. I then made a B/W 8'x10' print in the bathroom from the negative, and its from this that I took the information to do the picture, and used other photographs, in colour, for the colour information. The cat was the family cat and she was called 'cuddles', because she was more aloof and proud, rather than wanting to be a popular cat. She is sitting by the fish pond in the garden.
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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Old Christmas Cards

Collection of past Christmas card artwork

Revised 2016
santa_christmas_pudding_ride2008 santa christmas pudding ride

2008 santa chimney alt design

2006 xmas pud

2005 father christmas down chimney

2002 stylised tree with presents
2000 sylized metal tree
Candle design of unknown date
1997 computer bell/ satellite 3D design

1990s santa express

Here are vintage christmas cards from the past. The B/W train drawing is hand drawn on paper with marker pen and 'Letratone' for the shaded sections, and then photocopied. It was done before I had a computer. The 2005 and 2008 cards are both painted in photoshop,and mostly printed out to give to people though there were occasions when it was emailed instead.
The 1997and 2000 card designs were originally done in a 3D programe, possibly a cut down version of Lightwave 3D in the late 1990s. The original files have been lost so these ones are scanned in from printouts done at the time. The 2002 design and the candle design were done in Photoshop. The candle design was also lost and is a scan from a print.

from the website...
This christmas card illustration was painted in 2008. It illustrates Father Christmas delivering presents during the night, over a winter landscape with a snow covered village featured. Rather than do a painting with Santa claus in a conventional sleigh, pulled by reindeer, I thought that I would twist the concept and have those elements replaced by large, round christmas puddings. 

Monday, 6 December 2010

cow and calf in field

cow_and_calf_in_fieldcow and calf in field

This is an oil painting that measures 16"x16". It was painted in early november 2010, from a photograph taken a few weeks previously. The photo was heavily cropped to get this composition as a starting point. The original picture was taken at Throop, a countryside area on the outskirts of bournemouth,UK. I hope to produce more paintings of this pretty area in the future. 

from the website...
This oil painting of a cow and calf are shown depicted sitting in a field at Throop, which is an outer part of the suburbs of Bournemouth, UK. It is based on a photograph taken on a slightly frosty morning. I don't usually paint in a square format but happened to have seen the blank canvas at a good price at a shop, and purchased it to use at a later date. The square format adds to an unusual composition. The painting of the cow was quite successful and surprisingly not to taxing to do. It is painted in oils on a 16" x 16" canvas.
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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

children playing in snow

children_playing_in_snowChildren playing in snow

Painted in photoshop and completed yesterday (30 nov). This image was quite easy to do and just 'fell out of the pen'. It is A4 sized as well. I think the simple layout and colour pallette have work out quite well. I wish it could always be this quick/successful!

from the website...
This is a companion piece to this one with children on a snow sleigh. This digital illustration features two children building a snow man was painted straight afterward the snow sleigh painting. It is created in photoshop and done to A4 size. Winter sun is bright and fresh so it was important to make this appealing in the illustration. The childrens outdoor clothes are colurful, in particular the girls. The horizon is slightly bent in to a curve, on purpose to make it slighty softer, rather than have straight, strict lines. The snowmans arms are likewise positioned almost pointing upwards, as if its happy. Painted in 2010.  

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