Sunday, 10 September 2017

Disposing of Art 01

 Disposing of Art 01

throwing away old paintings M P Davey
The first lot of old art to go
One of the problems with art is that once it is created it leaves a footprint. Digital art is fortunate in that it only exists (assuming it is not printed out) on a hard drive and takes up an un-measurable space. 
A painting, in the real world however, occupies a space, and if it it done on canvas then the painting is supported on wooden stretcher bars which take up further space, and add a thickness to the artwork. 
A paper based painting, like a watercolour, is simpler to deal with because it is only a piece of paper, so thinner and easier to store.Even so it does not that you end up with the one painting to deal with. If you paint, or produce a lot of art then more of this stuff appears, using up valuable space in the studio, on what ever support is used. 
I am now engaging on a programme of destroying old, and some not so old stuff, just to reduce the pile of artwork which has seen its day. It is all properly photographed however, and the photograph is far more valuable than the actual painting. In fact I would presume a very high percentage of people would have seen the photograph of the art, than the actual painting itself. So I have destroyed these 7 (20" x 16) paintings and separated the materials, so that the canvas can go into the bin and I shall leave out the wood for a local person to use as fire wood. There are a lot more paintings to dispose of but the tip is difficult to get to, so I will get rid of them over time in this manner.

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  1. I never ever, never never never destroy old painting!!!!!