Sunday, 1 October 2017

Southampton Freightliner Train Maintenance WIP stages

'Southampton Freightliner Train Maintenance' WIP stages

Southampton Freightliner Train Maintenance -

WIP stages

The panel above shows work in four stages of a painting called 'Southampton Freightliner Train Maintenance'. This is a small maintenance depot on the outskirts of Southampton (Millbrook) and features 3 typical locomotives to be found at the location.
The first panel shows the initial drawing, done in brown acrylic paint on a brown wash base of painting, to act as a ground for the painting to be built upon. The second panel shows dark colours applied, which act as under-painting for the final layers added later. At this stage acrylic paints art used. The painting is deliberately darker than intended and lacks detail. In the third layer can be seen the final oil layer start to be applied, all with the correct tonal and detail qualities. Finally the fourth panel displays the final, finished painting, which is sized at 28 x 20" and is painted in oils on a mounting board surface.
The final painting can also be examined in detail here.

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