Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Winter shopping season Southampton - WIP stages

Winter shopping season Southampton - WIP stages

Southampton wet day urban painting Martin Davey
Winter shopping season Southampton - WIP stages
This painting was created during late November/ December 2017. The subject is a rainy day along a street in central Southampton, UK. It was created in response to an 'open' exhibition at the Southampton main gallery, the subject being 'the seasons'. This painting came 1st place the competition out of over 500+ entries.

Above is an image showing a composite of the painting being worked up in stages. In the first panel can be seen the initial drawing, done in brown acrylic paint on a reddish ground (base). In the second panel work can be seen on the application of oil paint, though these are just the base layers or under-painting. In the third panel it can be seen that quite a few layers are now being applied with details added as the work progress. The fourth panel shows the finished painting.
Follow this link to view the final painting at a larger scale.

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