Monday, 7 January 2019

Winchester Hill Area In Hampshire During Summer - WIP

Winchester Hill Area In Hampshire During Summer - WIP stages

oil painting creation summer hill countryside Davey
WIP of 'Winchester Hill' oil painting
The panel above features stages of the creation of a painting showing a scene at Winchester Hill, located on the South Downs, Hampshire. It is located in Southern England. The landscape painting is done in oils, but the first stage (in the first panel) shows the drawing of the scene done in acrylics on a brown acrylic wash. It should be added that an inital application of oil paint had been added to the sky, when the photo was taken. The second panel shows an application of diluted oil paint, to act as the underpainting for the finished painting, much like a foundation using darker colours. The final panel now shows the finished painting, which the oil paint applied on top with a heavier body, basically using paint straight out of the tube.
The finished landscape painting can be seen on this link.

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