Monday, 26 April 2021

Anime girl with roses - WIP stages

 Anime girl with roses - WIP stages

girl head anime art WIP stages
Stages of the girl's head anime styled artwork

A simple drawing of a girls head created in the 'anime' style. She is pictured in front of rose flowers.

The picture shows four stages of its creation, drawn in 'Auto sketchbook Pro'. In the first can be seen the initial drawing, drawn in quite a small file size dimensions. The second panel indicates basic colours added for all the main elements. Moving on to the third panel, the dimensions of the file have been enlarged so that the final result will be very sharp and suitable for printing. More details are painted in and the drawing is becoming more refined. Finally the finished illustration can be seen where all the elements are completed, being finely drawn and painted.

The illustration can be seen in detail on this link.

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