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Mudeford Quay Christchurch from Hengistbury Head - acrylic painting

Mudeford Quay Christchurch from Hengistbury Head

M P Davey Dorset Mudeford Haven Inn art
Mudeford Quay Christchurch from Hengistbury Head - acrylic painting 20" x 16"

This painting shows Mudeford Quay, on the outskirts of Christchurch, Dorset. The scene is of the entrance to Christchurch harbour with the quay on one side and on the viewers side is Hengistbury Head with some children at play at the end of the sandy spit.

The dominant building is the Haven House Inn and as can be seen a number of buildings have a black painted side. However over the past few decades much development has taken place here as it is a very popular location for tourists. It is also a popular location of fishing and fishing boats can be seen unloading their catch during the day at the quay side. The small section of water is known as 'The Run', and is the only entrance to the harbour. It has been the scene of battles between smugglers and customs officers back in the 18th century. Despite its small appearance the water has an extremely fast flow to the sea and is a taxing route for boats and yachts, and swimming near this outlet is considered dangerous but a ferry links the two sides of the entrance and takes a few minutes. It is a 14 minute car drive plus a long walk to go around the harbour via dry land.

Christchurch Harbour is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The 352 hectare site is designated both for its biological and geological interest.

The painting was done using acrylic paint on stretched paper and has a 20” x 16” image area, and was completed during November 2016. The finished painting can be seen here.
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